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ACR Invited by ONC to Participate in May 13 Meaningful Use Workgroup Meeting

The Office of the National Coordinator for HIT (ONC) recently invited the Vice Chair of ACR’s IT and Informatics Committee, Dr. Keith Dreyer, to participate at the May 13 public meeting of the HIT Policy Committee-Meaningful Use (MU) Workgroup on “specialists and MU.”  This will be the first time ONC held a federal advisory committee meeting on specialist issues since October 2009; several months before publication of the Stage 1 proposed MU regulations for public comment in January 2010.

Dr. Dreyer will be a panelist for the subtopic of “EHR Support of Specialists in Patient Care and CDS.”  The other three panels will cover “Care Coordination Among Specialists, Primary Care, Care Management, Patients; “Population Data, including Registries;” and “Experience from the Field.”

The agenda specifications do not really provide an opportunity for discussion of many of ACR’s concerns related to MU, but there is some leeway for discussing issues related to ONC’s technology requirements.  Additionally, the CDS portion of the discussion will be a good opportunity to advocate for referring physicians’ use of radiology order entry systems with CDS tied to appropriateness criteria guidelines.

The following guiding questions were provided to panelists:

  1. How can EHRs facilitate specialty care of individual patients?
  2. How do you currently support decision-making in your practice?
  3. How does your specialty generate new knowledge (e.g., clinical guidelines)?
  4. How do you disseminate this new knowledge amongst your specialty?
  5. How do you incorporate new knowledge into EHRs (e.g., partnerships with EHR manufacturers)?
The panel will also feature a representative of the College of American Pathologists and someone from the mental/behavioral health community.
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