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HIT Policy Committee Discusses Comments on Stage 3 Meaningful Use RFC

On February 6, the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT (ONC) HIT Policy Committee (HITPC) convened to discuss public comments on the November 26, 2012 Stage 3 Meaningful Use (MU) Request for Comments (RFC).  As has historically been the case with previous HITPC RFCs, only a broad, high-level summary of the public comments was communicated to HITPC members.  Though the summary was not at all inclusive of differing perspectives or detailed arguments, ONC staff mentioned plans to explore the comments more thoroughly at the workgroup level between now and April.

In terms of the imaging-specific items, the summary indicated that:

  • Commenters do not support moving the imaging results accessibility objective from the menu set to the core in Stage 3.
  • Commenters support including imaging and/or radiation dose data in the “patient view/download/transmit objective” objective for Stage 3, but expressed concerns about education, bandwidth, and availability of standards.
  • While there was more variability in the comments on the CPOE objective, most did not support higher thresholds for lab-test and radiology orders. Appropriateness CDS during CPOE was not mentioned.

Moving forward, the various HITPC workgroups will discuss potential Stage 3 recommendation changes in light of the public comments.  The plan is for the workgroups to present draft recommendations to the HITPC in April.  The HITPC will likely approve a finalized version of the recommendations at the May meeting.  The agencies will be free to use or not use HITPC recommendations however they see fit during the future Stage 3 MU rulemaking process.

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